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A substantial majority of marketing communication managers/officers is now responsible for social media function (78%) and budget (64%); they use vendors sparingly (28%), according to the latest report of the bi-annual study of Corporate Communication International (CCI).

Are Social Media Managers, Marketing- and/ or Corporate Communications Managers your target group?

Do you want to make use of our Low Risk High Leads Opportunity Formula?

More details? You can request this formula package easily by sending a short mail to Navana on: mail 'at' Please send it from your company's email account and you will receive the info without any obligation.

IBB’s 2nd Annual ocial Media Summit, Expo & Workshops 2011 will feature cutting edge presentations from across Europe and we will create the opportunity to discuss with your potential clients. You will be seen as one of the key industry experts.

Top Five Reasons to become an exhibition/sponsor partner today:

  • Lead generation: 2nd Annual Pan-European Social Media Strategy Summit, Expo & Workshops 2011 puts you in front of largest number of business decision makers in Europe.

  • Branding: 2nd Annual Pan-European Social Media Summit, Expo & Workshops 2011 gives you brand exposure to the sort of people who will actually buy your services. Remember, being in the same room as your competitors only increases brand awareness if your customers are there to see you...

  • Networking: This conference is also your best opportunity to network with your peers, discuss ideas with them and help formulate your online strategy. Or you can just catch up over a beer...

  • Keep in touch with or get in contact with your (potential) customers/clients (B2B): It is the ideal opportunity to keep in touch with them, introduce them to the team, demonstrate new products or services and make sure, at this particularly difficult time, that you do everything you can to keep them happy.

  • Position your company as a ’thought leader’: By exhibiting or giving presentations/workshops and thus be part of the selected experts in the summit’s or workshops' program allowing your company to be seen as though leaders by the market, building confidence in your brand and increasing your chances of winning business.

Hence it is thé ideal way to get market feedback on new or existing products or services. Use this summit as well as a core piece of face to face market research for the European market.

Thus 2nd Annual Social Media Summit, Expo & Workshops 2011 as key part of your marketing strategy.

For more information on exhibiting at this event or to discuss a wide range of opportunities, please contact me.

Best regards,
Navana Kundu, Business Development Manager
Phone: + 31 20 2223301 or Email:

Press and Media for 2nd Annual Pan-European Social Media Summit, Expo & Workshops 2011

Join us at 2nd Annual Pan-European Social Media Summit, Expo & Workshops 2011 for 3 months of highly targeted exposure. Capitalise on this ideal platform to market your publication and form strategic relationships through networking.

Brand your publication with an event that the industry believes in

  • Fully capitalise on our integrated marketing campaign

  • Increased customer contact and business opportunities

  • Wider exposure to multinational organizations

  • A unique opportunity to give clients “hands on” experience with your products / services

  • Gain exclusive interviews with the region’s movers and shakers

  • Avail yourself of invaluable editorial & feature content at the conference

We thank our Sponsors & Workshops Hosts 2011:

For more information on how your title can be profiled as the industry's leading publication, please contact:
Sophie Klein, Marketing Communication Manager
Tel: + 31 20 2223301 or Email:

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