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Day 2, May 20th: You can choose between 9 Exciting Workshop Topics:

Three of these 9 actual Social Media topics and trends are the following:
1.Social Media Optimization and Social Media Advertising

Europeans are getting more social minded every day and Europe will be spending a lot more time interacting with social media in 2011, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau. For online marketers, optimizing for social media has become not just interesting, but a must. Optimization typically focuses on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

2.To make your voice heard: Branded Content

Brands and businesses are starting to realize that one of the main ways of engaging their customers and offering value is to create content that enriches the userís social media experience rather than just blasting messages out at them. With users starting to get more and more aware of ads and adding their own filters the smart brands will create bespoke content that engages users in a meaningful way and offers value.
Building that content in to Facebook and other social sites and adding blogging to your online marketing strategy will be crucial, with video playing a more and more important role in the branded content play.

3.How to Use Corporate Social Media as tool for driving Employee Engagement.

For marketing and communications professionals Enterprise or Corporate Social Media becomes more and more important when used as a tool for driving employee engagement to reach business objectives. How can internal communications be managed to drive external messaging and customer relationship management? What part do enterprise social media platforms play in managing internal communications to reach these goals?

These are just 3 of the 9 topics and workshops which will be held on Day 2.

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You can choose between 9 workshops within the marketing communications field with a high level of interactivity and in depth case studies.

Round 1: Choose between

  • Social Media Policy-Audit
  • Social Media and Integration into your CRM Systems
  • SEO, Content Marketing Tactics & Social Media

  • Round 2 : Choose between:

  • Employment Engagement & Social Media
  • Social Media Market Research & Analysis
  • Video Marketing

  • Round 3: Choose between:

  • Crisis CommunicationS & Social Media
  • Social Games & Advertising
  • Mobile Social Media Marketing

  • Register for 2nd Annual Pan-European Social Media Summit, 
Expo & Workshops 2011  in Amsterdam, Netherlands  on Eventbrite

    More reasons to join:

  • Networking with senior-level peers and practitioners and decision makers from across Europe
  • Look out for the latest strategies, tools and technologies on social media!
  • Exclusive opportunities to meet with and learn from best practices of global multinationals and big European players
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